Monday, 18 July 2011

Dumbed Dick & Argy Agro

Poor PKD, he must be spinning in his orbital satellite as Hollywood mauls yet another adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau is a rom/scifi/adventure thingy with all the crazy invention flattened out leaving a bland anodyne shell behind. Matt Damon stars as a rising politico who bumps into the luminous Emily Blunt in the gents and is cock blocked by the dark forces of the titular organisation who mind wipe, cajole and redirect everyone according to some Master's plan. It's watchable I suppose and doesn't drag it's feet but it's an awkward mishmash of romcom and scifi which never really works and without Blunt I'd have just switched off. Another example of Hollywood ho-hum.

Like The Lives of Others, The Secret In Their Eyes depicts life under a totalitarian regime and the murky antics of life under a police state. This Argentinian thriller boasts some fine performances and a decent script as a retired cop decides to write a novel about one of his unsolved murder cases which continues to haunt him. Split between flashbacks to the original case and his present efforts to uncover the truth a complex, tragic tale unfurls towards a genuinely shocking ending. A brilliant mystery thriller that will no doubt get remade sooner or later.

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