Monday, 11 July 2011

Film Trash

Poster Genius Drew Sturzan has come out of retirement and produced the ad above for the famed Alamo Drafthouse.

Spike Lee looks to remake Oldboy.

Walter Hill is helming an adaptation of graphic novel Bullet in the Head starring Sly & Christian Slater. Slashfilm

Super nerdy analysis of the symbolism in Pandorum. Via Screened.

Crummy cameo heading for the next Nolan Batman film. DenofGeek.

More news of the upcoming Dredd movie. A bunch of other Superhero news here.

Io9 have a nice summation of known knowns re John Carter of Mars.

Schwarzenegger might be take the lead in Kim Ji-Woon's english language debut The Last Stand - apparently a cross between High Noon & Die Hard.

Dario Argento is working on Dracula 3D flick with Rutger Hauer. Sounds good but looks pretty cheap. From Bloody Disgusting

Batman: Year One trailer courtesy of Den of Geek.

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