Monday, 18 July 2011

Hack Happy

Haven't been doing much politics of late but since I've spent the last couple of weeks pissing myself about Murdoch's plight I thought I should pull the finger out.

So Rupe & Little Jimmy face the Select Committee tomorrow and it looks like Yates and Stephenson will be facing a IPCC investigation into corruption.

The Murdoch yesmen at the WSJ have published a halfwitted defence against their Master's amusing apocalypse. They're probably getting angsty about the impending US version. Spitzer is certainly keen to add his voice.

Baffling that the so called Chipping Norton set would include the boorish, fucktard Jeremy Clarkson. Anyways he's been spraffing off on the Xmas party where Camo was hanging with his News Corp overlords. DigitalSpy

Curious side story in the Guardian about a bag containing a laptop and notes found in a bin by the Police near Brooks' house but is apparently definitely NOT hers.

The NYT has a nice little tidbit about Murdoch giving Dacre the heads up.

The Libdems become ever more bold in their Murdoch bashing - they're desperate to claw back some support so I'm not surprised they're having fun. LC

Dangerous Minds have a nice clip of Dennis Potter sticking the boot into Rupe.

Lulzsec have been having fun - redirecting The Sun to a fake Murdoch dead story they've placed on The Times.

Apart from Hague there's been few Tories prepared to defend Cameron's choice of chums - Guido and others are taking note.

Tragically Sean Hoare the first whistleblower in the NOTW/Murdoch implosion has been found dead in his flat, Police say not suspicious but I doubt that'll stop the tinfoil hattery that's bound to ensue.

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