Monday, 11 July 2011

Redneckery & Black 'n' Blue Ballet

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a surprisingly amusing horror comedy starring the tubby one from Reaper and the blonde one from Firefly/Dollhouse. Essentially a farcical comedy of misunderstandings, the film inverts the college kids in the woods meet Hillbillies trope and sees two bumbling but charming rednecks subjected to an sustained onslaught from a bunch of dickish city types. There's plenty of slapstick death and laughs along the way and it's a highly enjoyable, if childish, 90mins.

Aronofsky's Black Swan, despite his protestations, is essentially a homage/rip off of Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue, that's no bad thing though and it's a stylish, deleterious psychological thriller in it's own right. Portman stars as a highly strung ballerina who wangles the lead in her company's new production of Swan Lake but the stress seems to take a hold and as her debut approaches her grip on reality seems to be slipping. It could have done with a lighter touch but the performances are all excellent and it's denouement nicely realised. It's good and Aronofsky's always an interesting film maker but I, as a Kon fan, couldn't stop comparing it to the other more nuanced film.

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