Thursday, 21 July 2011

Swords & Sniggers

Ironclad is a gory period-battler with Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox and James Purefoy. Idiot King John reneges on his Magna Carta deal and with the help of some Danish mercenaries begins to reinstate his dominion unfortunately for him a handful of fighters have secured Rochester castle and a bloody siege ensues. Despite it's modest budget it's a decent effort with a suitably grimy past, decent acting and lashings of headsplitting and grisly dismemberment. I'm sure history buffs will quibble over the details but I liked it. With our bloody history I'd be surprised if we dont see similar productions following on.

Horrible Bosses is a star stuffed Hollywood comedy about three chums suffering from the all too common problem of having dickish superiors and whilst drunk they decide murder is the best solution. Bateman provides his usual dry wit alongside Aniston, Spacey & Sutherland as well as a tonne of cameos and there's plenty of gags to spread around, but best of all, director Seth Gordon (King of Kong) avoids the bloat and unctuousness of recent Apatow pictures and keeps things snappy and it's all the better for it. A surprisingly amusing farce.

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