Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cartoonish Capering

Sucker Punch exemplifies Zack Snyder's good and bad qualities as a film maker; sure the film's nicely shot and there's a handful of decent, stylised action sequences but the film is crushingly adolescent, devoid of acting ability and seriously vapid. A young woman is wrongly sent to the loony bin where she lives out her remaining pre lobotomy days in a fantastical haze of escape attempts, epic battles and a little girl bonding. I dunno, if you're just after some glossy violence set to pounding music then this will suffice, anything more and I'd look elsewhere.

Captain America is the lynch pin to the forthcoming Avengers movie so the stakes were high for this origin story film and it's not a bad effort just a bit unremarkable. The action is framed by the Captain's contemporary defrosting while the bulk of the movie flashes back to WW2 and the start to his career and his eventual showdown with the Red Skull. Unthinking patriotism personified the Captain has never been a superhero I've been very fond of but this action stuffed feature grasps for the same semi-serious tone as Iron Man thankfully cutting someway through the flag waving hooey.

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