Thursday, 11 August 2011


The Public Eye is a 40's thriller about a crime photographer who'll stop at nothing to get a good pic and is loosely based on the career of Weegee. Joe Pesci puts in a sterling performance as the jittery and driven protagonist who life revolves round the lens but things gets complicated after falling for a dame who hires him on commission. It's nicely shot in washed out colours, ticks along with a decent script, well acted and it all simmers along towards a finale that's simultaneously the zenith and nadir of the snapper's career. A great film, just a shame it's not available on R2.

Delirious, directed by Tom DiCilio, stars Steve Buscemi as a jaded, bitter paparazzo skulking about celeb haunts waiting for the big money shot. He befriends a young homeless kid played by Michael Pitt and their curious relationship becomes strained once others take note of the kids showbiz potential. It's a pretty decent watch, not side splitting but still a funny satirical parable on celebrity culture & worship, if there had been a bit more papping and a little less romance I'd have probably enjoyed it even more.

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