Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wasted Talent

The Ravagers is a ropey post apocalyptic film starring Richard Harris. Rag tag scavengers are all that's left of America after a long past cataclysm and Harris & his lady fall foul of a local gang who pursue him on his adventures as he stumbles across enclaves and enemies alike. Mostly a bag of warm pish, there's little to interest here but a glimpse or two of a good idea squandered by a titchy budget, rubbish script and little imagination. Presumably Harris did this for drinking money. Try Boy and his Dog if you're looking for similar but better.

The Wake Wood is a low budget Irish horror that's part Wicker Man part Pet Cemetery but fails to muster anything like those effort's atmosphere. A young couple move to the country and find themselves tempted by the cult leader's offer to resurrect their dead kid in a grisly yet humdrum pagan ritual which predictably goes awry. The acting talents of Timothy Spall and Aidan Gillen are wasted in this poorly scripted, unimaginative chiller that isn't helped by the shitty cinematography with it's underwhelming DV production values. If it's weirdo community life you want The Stepford Wives is a better example.

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