Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Empirical Efforts

Opportunity finally reaches the ancient Endeavour crater, New Scientist.

Evidence found in meteorites of some nucleobases of DNA. DGalaxy

Interesting article about the varying national flavours of psychological theories. Mindhacks

Research into viruses that infect the parasites that infect us. Via BoingBoing

Rare find in Peru of beetles, spiders, lice, flies and some seeds preserved for 23 million years in amber. Physorg
Plant scoffs down a Great Tit. BBC

Labfreaks bioengineers create artificial, fully functional anal sphincters. Reddit.

Physics super-team think our universe and the essential direction of Time spawned from a previous one that existed pre big bang. DailyG.

Bottom feeding Hagfish have permeable skin which can absorb nutrients directly from the corpses they burrow into. Reddit.

Weird gravity defying effect with a copper tube and supermagnet. ScienceDaily

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