Monday, 15 August 2011

Fruitless Farces

Larry David's single directorial effort Sour Grapes is filled with the expected social awkwardness and wisecracking but it lacks the charm of Seinfeld or the extreme idiocy of Curb. Two cousins get into a dispute over some Vegas winnings and the feud's consequences spiral quickly out of control spreading from their personal to working lives. It's not terrible but neither of the two leads are particularly effective at delivering their lines and they continually suck the momentum from proceedings.

Mixed Nuts is a Steve Martin vehicle directed by Nora Ephron. Martin stars as a helpline worker besieged by a bevy of bampots during the festive period while trying to hide the fact the business is being shut down. It stumbles along in a mildly amusing fashion but relies heavily on it's roster of cameos for most of the laughs with Madeline Khan, a very young Sandler, Rob Reiner, Anthony LaPaglia, a cross dressing Schreiber and shouty Juliette Lewis all making appearances. If I had to choose between these two failed comedies I think I'd go for the Grapes.

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