Thursday, 12 January 2012

Chucklish Triple

30 Minutes or Less is a heist comedy starring Jessie Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari. Floating through life as a pizza delivery man, Eisenberg gets himself kidnapped by some bumbling criminals who rig him into a bomb vest and demand he robs a local bank. Nicely made and sporting plenty of talent it's a decent if unexciting film. There are some laughs but the script isn't quite as sharp as it thinks it is and it rolls along to a cheesy, predictable conclusion. Given the individuals and director involved I had high hopes for this but I suspect the Tinseltown mangle squeezed out most of the fun.

A bunch of 30 somethings decide to hold one last party in their for-sale summer home and choose to go out with a bang in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. With a cast of SNL luminaries and assorted players the film is actually a fairly sweet, almost old fashioned exploration of friendships and love which will no doubt disappoint the filth seekers as they plan and attend the initially excruciating gang bang. The script is mildly amusing but the charming performances and it's rather surprisingly chaste approach made the film quite an enjoyable, if slight, watch.

Much like the Brit sitcom-to-film features of years past, sadly The Inbetweeners movie fails to match the hilarity of the original series. The priapic boys head off for a sweaty Malia holiday with 'clunge' on their mind but as you'd expect their ineptitude and naiveté thwart their initial effors. There's some decent laughs throughout, mostly due to Neil's prediliction for bagging grannies, and the cast repeat their successes of the series but the script focusses too much time on their burgeoning emotional lives instead of concentrating on the crass. It's still a good effort but it's a shadow of what it could've been.

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