Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grey Matters

Having a low IQ seems to correlate with being politically Conservative, racist and homophobic, and though it's quite an obvious result I'm just really glad some scientists made the effort to confirm it. Thank you Brock Uni in Ontario

Nice bit about the under appreciated Abraham Maslow, via Mind Hacks.

Scientists may have sketched out how "sacred" beliefs differ from everyday thoughts. SciDaily

Some adventurous attempts to make sense of the Psilocybin experience, Neurophilosophy

Modest pdf article examining the brain differences caused by meditative practice, Reddit

Some boffins are fretting over the recent successes in cognitive enhancement techniques, particular direct noggin stimulation, via Oxford Uni

Another interesting brain boosting experiment using fMRI feedback appears to show learning without any intent.attention at all, TheAtlantic

Ketamine appears, from recent trials. to offer immediate relief from depression, Reddit

Locust's brains are helping us reveal the mechanisms behind our associative memories, SciDaily

Haitian Zombification still engenders study, Mind Hacks

Review of a recent compilation of papers on Panpsychism, Reddit

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