Friday, 20 January 2012

Found Footage Flim Flammery

The Tunnel is a crowd-funded, VODO distributed, found footage horror from Down Under and it's actually quite good, well a few bits gave me the willies. A news crew decide to poke about some abandoned subway tunnels after some vagrants and yoofs go missing but they soon realise their mistake when the sound man is snatched by an elusive entity. Torn between a good story and their own safety they remaining crew stumble around for while before it becomes apparent their stalker is still hungry. Nicely made, especially given it's titchy budget, and reasonably acted this has plenty of vim and despite the talking head spots that intersperse the action, it still manages to build the fear quite nicely.

7 Nights of Darkness, though just as cliched as Tunnel, doesn't manage to muster the same amount of atmosphere. Reality TV contestants are challenged to stay a week in a haunted hospital and the skeptical bunch are soon made aware there's some truth to the tales of spectral kids and malignant entities. Populated with a clutch of stereotypical characters and some ropey actors wheezing life into the predictable script this limps along with little imagination or merit.

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