Monday, 30 January 2012

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The Big Doll House is a 'so bad it's good' 70's lady-prison thriller probably most notable for Pam Grier's debut performance. A dizzying selection of beauties are incarcerated in a sweaty Asian jail run by a sexually frustrated, sadistic warden. As the torture and ill treatment escalates they decide escape is their only option and manipulate a couple of rapey, moronic men to assist. As you might imagine the script and acting aren't up to much but there's enough violence, thoroughly un-pc humour and rakes of gratuitous nudity to make this low budget flick a classic of exploitation cinema.

Big Bad Mama is a Roger Corman romp starring Angie Dickinson, Skerrit and Shatner. A mother and her two teenage daughters embark on an audacious life of crime and mayhem, blasting their way across America with much enthusiasm, picking up a couple of dudes on the way to keep their beds warm. Despite the obviously tight budget there's plenty of action of one sort or another but it's real strength lies with Dickinson's dominating central performance, portraying the sassy, driven matriarch with such brio that it eclipses the failings of the rest of the cast. Another surprisingly accomplished and enjoyable Corman production.

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