Monday, 2 January 2012

High & Low Rom-Coms

Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Steve Carrell as a middle aged man set adrift after his wife, Julianne Moore, leaves him for another man. After stumbling around bars heartbroken he's taken under the wing of a young lothario, Ryan Gosling, and shown the ropes of the modern dating scene. It's a moderately amusing little rom-com that has a surprising amount of maturity and nuance to the personal relationships involved and plenty of decent performances but there's just wasn't enough laughs for me and it plays out more like a heart warming drama than anything else. A well made film just don't go expecting chuckles.

There's more laughs in What's Your Number, a potty mouthed rom-com starring the gorgeous Anna Farris, but it's considerably less subtle and way more adolescent than it should be. Fired from her job a pretty singleton stumbles across a magazine article which says that women with more than 20 sexual partners are unlikely to ever get married so she starts a High Fidelity-esque journey of rediscovering her former hook-ups. The humour swings from low-brow to crass and the plot is fairly unbelievable and remarkably predictable but Farris is a charming lead and manages to breathe some life into the well trod ground.

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