Monday, 13 February 2012

Art & Magic

Werner Herzog's quiet, thoughtful documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams offers a rare glimpse of the prehistoric art in the Chauvet cave system. Accompanied and informed by a clutch of scientists, Herzog explores the works and our current understanding of how, when and why they were made. The cinematography is stunning and the film has a wonderfully meditative atmosphere, assisted by Werner's ambling drone and infectious wonderment.

Brion Gyson and his Dream Machine are the subject of documentary Flicker. An innovative artist and close chum of Burroughs Gyson tinkered with calligraphy, printing, poetry but most famously developed, with Ian Sommerville, the Dream Machine device, which oscillates light at the magical 10hz frequency and causes mild euphoria and hallucinations. It's an interesting film which, along with the the requisite biographical information about this curious, undervalued artist, has plenty of testimonials from celeb and otherwise machine advocates.

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