Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Great Antidote

Some bacteria have "poisoned daggers" Physorg

Flatworms have the potential for immortality apparently, SciDaily, and Israeli scientists hae managed to extend the life span of mice by 15%. Reddit.

Someones found some Buckyballs in Space. Wired

Two new blood types discovered. Impact Lab.

The Sky is actually falling with average cloud height dropping 1% in the last decade, SpaceDaily

Interesting article on the BBC website about the history of sleep, shattering the myth of the 8 hour stretch.

Did the Titanic sink because of an illusion? Reddit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Obama has slashed NASA's planetary budget, Physorg

Petroglyph found in Brazil appears to be 10,000 years old. Smithsonian.

Teller reveals some of his skills at manipulating our minds, via Farnum Street.

The Psychologist has an interesting example of the differing ideas about the mind from around the world. MindHacks have a snippet.

There's also a study that indicates that the lowest paid workers suffer the most from sleep deprivation, via Impact Lab.

Cornell Uni boffins blast a rocket up into the northern lights. Daily What.

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