Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Trenchant Trenchard Bs

Hunting humans was a well worn trope even by the 80's but Turkey Shoot's gleeful attitude adds plenty of, er, vigour to the usual proceedings. A gaggle of 'deviants' are interred in a brutal, dystopic prison after getting softened up by a vicious-yet-camp warden are soon chosen to become the prey for a bunch of blood hungry elites. Throw in some gratuitous nudity, visceral almost relentless violence and a random lycanthrope and the things get dumb and ugly fast. Sure the acting, script and plot are solidly B-movie quality and it's made on a shoestring but director Brian Trenchard-Smith keeps things bubbling over and somehow it ends up lots and lots of brainless fun.

Four years later and Trenchard-Smith was back with another, even madder, scifi dystopia called Dead-End Drive In. Society is crumbling fast and while violence and disorder paint the streets a young hoon takes his girlfriend to an old fashioned drive in only to discover it's some sort of weird, government sponsored honey trap/prison from which there's no escape. The couple take divergent views on their uncouth neighbours and their future but it's not long before the tentative peace is disrupted by escape attempts and an influx of Asian 'immigrants'. While Turkey was unabashed nonsense the ham fisted attempt to shoehorn satire into the barmy plot means there's a less time for the requisite sex and violence.

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