Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uncommon Romancing

Ryan Gosling deadpans his way through Lars and the Real Girl, a Canadian comedy about a socially retarded loner who buys a sex doll and introduces her to family ands friends as Bianca, his Brazillian girfriend. With Emily Mortimer's subtle performance as Lars' sister in law matching Gosling's straight faced efforts and a funny yet sensitive script this little comedy strikes a surprsingly mature tone.

Ewan Macgregor and Eva Green fall in love during a peculiar sensory apocalypse in the low budget, Glasgow shot, Perfect Sense. A chance encounter between epidemiologist Green and chef Macgregor coincides with the outbreak of an unsual pathogen which is slowly stripping the world of it's senses one by one. As chaos and despair smoulder in the background, our pair of protagonists spend more and more time together and their relationship deepens while their own lives crumble. Despite it's odd conceit and low-fi delivery, the two leads work well together and it's an endearing little scifi romance with some big ideas.

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  1. Watched Lars and the Real girl a few years back, TIC (This is China). And i have to say i thought it was quite charming and amusing in a quirky kinda way. Thought the performances were very good and indeed touching in an emotional way, not in a touch the sex doll kinda way!

    all in all i'd give it 7/10