Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DC Double Downer

Bruce Wayne & Jim Gordon forge their reputations in Batman Year One, the latest DC animated feature, and it's a remarkably faithful adaptation of Frank Miller's original graphic novel. Remarkable in the sense that what worked so well on the page has been recreated here for better or worse - the pacing seems a little off for the format and the "realism" of Bat's & Gordon's trajectories seem a little odd and underwhelming for an animated movie, worst of all however is the insipid voice work with almost all the main characters miscast. Still the quality of Miller's work shines through and it's still a reasonably entertaining watch - I'm just kinda glad the didn't decide to my favourite The Killing Joke.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is a portmanteau collection of tales fleshing out the GL universe of extra terrestrial alien police. Framed by Hal Jordan's narration to a student there area five stories told to explain the history and diversity of the corp and it's not too shabby. The animation is decent enough and there's no shortage of action but the scattershot approach means there's no real substance to the 80 mins and it feels more like a bunch of Saturday morning toons stitched together than a coherent film. Sadly it seems DC are still way behind Marvel in milking their respective franchises.

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