Sunday, 9 October 2011

Monster Mash & Muddled Hash

When a farmer yanks a megalith from one of his fields he unwittingly unleashes a pagan monster into the Irish countryside in the B-movie Rawhead Rex. Based on a Clive Barker short this low budget horror has a modest helping of arterial spray, dismemberment and rampaging but the acting is awful and the SFX is dire even for the mid eighties however on the plus side there's plenty of unintentional laughs and Rex romps around ripping the locals in half with a certain brio. Barker wasn't too chuffed with the adaptation but hey I doubt it would've worked as a serious chiller anyways and I found surprisingly entertaining in a so bad it's good sort of way.

The Sentinel sports a fairly amazing cast but reeks of tripe, cheese and bags and bags of batshit. A highly strung, attractive model moves into an apartment block with a peculiar set of neighbours including a cat mad loner, predatory lesbians, dotty old ladies and a blind priest who sits looking out the window all day, strange given the landlady claims the latter is the only other tenant. With a cast that includes Meredith, Walken, Balsam, Gardner, Wallach, Carradine and Sarandon this could have been decent but I'll happily lay the blame at chubster-director Michael Winner's feet, edited badly, poorly scripted, full of plot holes and sadly neither scary or funny enough to make it worth watching. Rare for a reason.

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