Monday, 10 October 2011

The Horror of Shatner

Paunchy William Shatner plays a suave-ish veterinarian who's cool under pressure in the terrible/tremendous Kingdom of the Spiders. A small Texan town is besieged by tarantulas and while The Shat seduces the investigating academic hottie, bodies start piling up but no fear he soon, er, gets his finger out and saves a few lives. Despite or maybe because of the crappy script, acting and sfx I quite enjoyed this B movie chiller - some care was taken over the cinematography and the plot isn't terrible with a decent climatic battle but I'd only really recommend this if you enjoy The Shat's particular, um, acting "style" and have a penchant for crap films. Be warned though if you're a fan of arachnids as a surprising number of the cute little critters were clearly burned, stomped, chomped & run over in the making of this film.

Pre Trek Shatner appeared in the horror film Incubus, one of a handful of movies idiotically filmed in Esperanto. A bored Succubus decides The Shat will be her next victim when he rolls into town looking to cure his war wounds in the towns magical waters and finds herself falling for his charms. Nicely shot in black and white and generating a few wisps of atmos along the way this at least has some ambition but with The Shat's stilted, confused performance and a brief 75 min runtime this plays out more like a TV special than the Bergman-esque supernatural fable it aspires to be. An half decent effort so maybe give it a go but it lacks the fun and so-bad-it's good quality of Spiders.

If you've still not had you're fill of Bill Shatner's unique artistic endeavours here's his latest musical effort - a cover version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Enjoy or not.

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