Sunday, 23 October 2011

Undergound Overground

An intact Viking burial ship, complete with grave goods, has been discovered near Ardnamurchan. BBC

NASA software has enabled archaeologists to reveal the sophisticated Lunar calendar surrounding a Black Forest Royal Tomb. Past Horizons.

Seems someone was treating his dog to a juicy Mammoth bone 25,000 years ago, after a find in the Czech Republic. Reddit.

Melting Norwegian glaciers are exposing Roman era garments & textiles. Reddit.

Chinese Archaeologists are digging into the society that flourished along the Silk Road. Reddit.

Remote sensing appears to have found a submerged henge near the edge of the Loch of Stenness in Orkney. Past Horizons.

An Aztec cremation platform has been unearthed at the Templo Mayor r uins near Mexico City.

The mysteries surrounding Gobekli Tepe, one of the oldest temples ever found, are slowly being unraveled. Reddit.

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