Monday, 24 October 2011

Island Incidents

The fictional Hebridean Isle of Fara is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave in The Night of the Big Heat. Thankfully the island includes Cushing and Lee as residents and their separate, respective investigations as local GP and roving scientists leads them to the conclusion that the extreme heat may be caused by visitors from another planet. This isn't the finest film I've ever seen with some weak effects, lame day-as-night cinematography and a rudimentary script but it has a certain charm whether that's from the tawdry love triangle plot or the alien as glowing poached egg I can't say.

Retreat stars Cillian M & Thandie N as a traumatised couple who return to an isolated island to repair their relationship but their tentative peace is disrupted when a soldier, played by Jamie Bell, washes ashore claiming a flu virus is ravaging the world and they must all seal themselves in to survive. What follows is a tense, psychological thriller about trust with 3 solid performances and a bevy of plot twists. There's nothing particularly special here but it's surprisingly effective.

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