Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dances with Aliens

First up in my abduction double was The Fourth Kind, a kinda Blair Witchy affair about some mysterious disappearances in an Alaskan town investigated by some psychologist with a video camera. It's split between her "real" footage and dramatised scenes, there's a couple of decent ideas hidden in the rough scripting and shaky acting but otherwise it's a fail. Maybe they should've tweaked it for a couple of years like the guy from Paranormal Activity.

Communion was better even though I've seen it once before. It's not brilliant and has dated badly but it's a great performance by Walken who's strange face and enigmatic manner really help this strange, daydreamy fantasy based on Streiber's personal story. Might see if I can find Fire In The Sky and make it a triple.

Sunshine Cleaning, a bittersweet comedy about a couple of sisters who start a crimescene cleaning business has been much hyped and it seems justifiably so: it's a beautifully balanced dramedy with three very strong performances from Adams, Blunt and Arkin. Occasionally it wavers into faux-indie territory but this is mature, thoughtful filmmaking.

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