Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pair of Re-Runs

First up is THX-1138, a good friend mentioned that Lucas had gone back and touched up his early dystopian feature so thought I'd give it another go. Well it certainly looks a lot nicer now and even seemed a little pacier than before but ultimately is still has a bit more style than substance: obviously inspired by BNW it never quite manages to build an engaging narrative.

Bedazzled starring Pete & Dud, had a slightly better position in my memory than THX but this fared worse after rewatching, sure it's a nice slice of 60's British cinema but it just wasn't that funny. They both give decent enough performances, particulary Cook as The Devil but I dunno only laughed a couple of times. Maybe there was something about them that didn't translate to the big screen as the Hound of the Baskervilles was patchy too.

Amusing post on Quiet Earth bout Jagger starring Freejack set in on the date 23/11/09! Think it deserves a rewatch, must try for that and that Mark Hamil Slipstream movie I keep remembering too.

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