Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dumb & Dumber

Ahh 2012, not sure what to say about Emmerich's latest cartoonish disaster flick but it's surely got to be his greatest and last, fingers crossed. It's basically disaster porn for eschatologists with scene after scene of beautifully rendered Super-Apocalypse throughout: from the blowing of the Yellowstone Caldera to a Himalayan Tsnumai it's got some of the most amazingly detailed catastrophising I've ever seen, the work of some very very talented and newly enriched CGI artists. Shame about the rest of the film which is utter shiite & 150mins long. FFS he could have at least trimmed some of the am-dram scripted non-cgi bits in post production to tighten it all up.

12 Rounds is probably the intellectual equivalent of 2012 but this time the stupidity has been encapsulated into a Cop/Race against Time Die Hard clone thing with a frenetic pace of explosions, gunfire & car chases only momentarily broken with some wrestler-actor, Cena gurning his way through his lines. Unlike 2012 however the action wasn't enough to lift it from is knuckle dragging roots and it only scrapes a pass.

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