Wednesday, 18 November 2009


The Prisoner remake, well what to say, the original is a true classic an iconic piece of the 60's so it would seem a bit dense to try & do an update but lack of brains never stopped anyone, specially not media types. They didn't bother matching the original's bold visual style and have dropped the community into some desert oasis filled with culdesacs, the new 6 is weak and wimpish in comparison to McGoohan and though they made some effort with the plot the evident holes it generates make me yearn for simplicity of the original enigma.

What was good this week was Obourne's Dispatches episode, a interesting investigation into the Pro-Israel lobbying groups working behind British politics and media. Sure it all came from the brain of a Daily Mail writer so it was typically hysterical and filled with cant but it did bring up concerns I share about the labelling of critics of Israeli military policy as antisemitic and also the power that lobbyists have over our politicians when they regulary donate tens of thousands.

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