Tuesday, 24 November 2009

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Finally it looks like some criminal proceedings might be on the cards for our greedy little MP's but surprisingly (or not) just for four of them. I'm sure they could find more if only they'd look a bit harder but they clearly prefer a handful of sacrifices over wholesale slaughter, a tragic mistake if they want trust we need complete honesty.

Guido has an interesting angle on this affair with more revelations regarding the conduct of the watchdogs themselves.

Murdoch's grubby empire of unreliable, slanted news coverage plums new depths with the tawdry theft of Edgar Wright's tribute to Woodward by The Times. Frankly I'm looking to Rudd to apologise to the world and soon. from garudina via scifiwire.

Of course Murdoch's brand of shite can't be confined to a single outlet so courtesy of Wonkette here's a nice pic demonstrating the intellectual ability of the Fix news corp.

Andrew Sullivan, a right winger, is reading Chinese philosophy? Suppose it shouldn't but it strikes me as a bit odd. Two posts today about one of my favourite thinkers Zhuangzi: both tied to some conservative thinker called Oakeshott. Dunno much bout the latter but I've read my fair share of eastern thought and I'm pretty sure I'd I could dispute Sullivan's assertion about the meaning of the Duke Huan story. Better not get into that though.

Also from the Dish is a story about an imprisoned Iranian who'd been interviewed by the Daily Show's Jason Jones. Brave guy, full article here. Must confess I thought Jones' reports were weak, not very funny and, in the usual American fashion, unintentionally xenophobic.

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