Monday, 29 March 2010

Close but No Cigar twice

Solomon Kane was not a great film - a real shame for Howard fans as it could have been so much better. I liked the grimy 16th C. styling, Purefoy was competent and the action was good if a little bloodless but the story itself was just rubbish. I've never read the original novels but this was a by-the-numbers fantasy tale that held no surprises. Kane is supposed to be an antihero but they barely developed his dark side and this subsequently left the film without much drive when he decided finally to pick up a weapon. I'd put it in the same fail bracket as Constantine I think.

Drunkenly playing with my Media Center late at night does mean that I end up with stuff I've recorded for no apparent reason like I guess Silent Hill. I've seen it before, thought it was alright and after watching it for a second time I can't say my opinion has changed. It's got it's moments of dread and they've gone to some lengths to recreate the look/feel of the games but it lost it's edge going through the Hollywood mangle. Doesn't help when you've got two leads, Mitchell and Bean, opening and closing mouths on time rather than acting.

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