Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dum Dum De De De Dum Dum

Horror comedies are pretty hard to pull off so I was pleasantly surprised by Severance. Despite it's by-the-numbers plot it rolls along with a decent-enough script and has quite a few genuinely funny bits. The casting of ubiquitous idiot Danny Dyer was a mistake though and not killing him off brutally their second mistake. Dunno why/how Dyer gets such a lot of work but frankly the film would've been greatly improved with almost anyone else in the role.

Requiem for Detroit
is a powerful, thoroughly depressing documentary about a city on it's knees. Directed by Julien Temple it charts the rise and fall of one of America's most iconic cities devastated not by a hurricane but by the harsh economic realities that we all now face. The footage of the dereliction, of the half demolished neighbourhoods and unremitting poverty is almost unbelievable - looks like the post-apocalyptic game Fallout3 than 21st C USA. This is a beautifully shot, well put together film with some excellent contributions from locals and historic footage. A stark warning to the world about the consequences of our post-industrial age. It's on iplayer at the moment so don't miss it.

Jon Stewart's brilliant Glenn Beck iparody was followed up by an equally amusing skit on Colbert's show the other night. Presumably they're trying to provoke this turd-bucket into a war of words as I can't remember either host twisting the knife with such relish before, not that I'm complaining though as he's such a supermassive bunghole he makes O'Reilly seem reasonable. I'd love to be able to embed the clips but they're not viewable in the UK - Stewart is on 4od though it's a slightly edited version but you could always download the Hotspot Shield if you were keen.

And if you're in any doubt about our 'Merican cousins losing the plot here's some ugly footage of people insulting and sneering at a man suffering from Parkinson's. I'd like to echo Metzger's sentiment of hunting the money throwing prick down.

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