Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Contagion X 3

The Crazies, Romero's low budget chiller, gets a glossy remake but they largely waste the opportunity by drifting through horror/zombie cliches and having a zillion plot holes. Cardinal sin though is the skimping on the violence, I mean FFS, they spend more time wandering about than battling the demented locals.

I enjoyed Roth's original Cabin Fever as it had a neat slant on the kids in the woods trope but Cabin Fever 2 is far more traditional horror fare and it's crap. The dirty water has reached the local school just in time for Prom and 90 mins is spent linking rather disgusting scenes together with little regard to script or acting. Avoid unless you're really really bored.

Pontypool - a Canadian zombie/plague thing with, finally, some flickerings of originality and imagination. Set in a radio station, the aging DJ and his staff are witnesses to a new sort of zombification transmitted by... well I wont spoil it. The script is decent, probably as it's based on a radio play, and the acting not bad but it starts to falter in the last third. Regardless I rather enjoyed this tense little film and though I wasn't entirely convinced by the central conceit it made a nice change for a horror film to have some intelligence behind it. Wasn't keen on the scene after the credits though - what was that all about? Anyways it's the only one out of the three I'd even consider watching again.

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