Monday, 8 March 2010

Double barrelled bampots

Glenn Beck, massive dingbat, is flexing his stupidity to new heights/depths now denouncing social justice programmes run by Churches. I'm sure Jesus is real proud Glenn. Never really figured out why simple Christian 'merican's put up with his Moroni based drivel guess they just don't read their beloved Bible.

Stupid comes in pairs and Palin never shies away from matching Beck's halfthinking verbage. This week she's using scripture to defend her childish palm notes, well if it's good enough for the non-existent sky god. Anyways her most idiotic recent burbling has to be her confession that she skipped across the border to Canada to take advantage of their evil, socialist healthcare system that would destroy America. Mmm feel that stupid, like a warm breeze of dumb.

As we're on the subject of the Bible I really should mention the Vatican gay prostitute scandal and that church going homophobic politician who just got done for DUI outside a gay club.

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