Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tired old tropes

There's been so many revenge thrillers over the years I should probably make a section in the shop, the latest addition to the genre is The Horseman, an Australian slant on the Dad on the Rampage motif. Dad sees drugged daughter in a porno and starts to eliminate those involved in a rather brutal fashion picking up a runaway in the progress. It's decent enough I suppose with a good performance from the lead and some tight plotting and there's certainly plenty of violence but, I dunno, there's just nothing particularly exemplary or even original about it. Give me Dead Man's Shoes anytime

Ahh Cobra - I'm sure Stallone's 80's actioner will get a remake sooner or later but as it was on late night TV I thought I'd give it a go since I hadn't seen it since my childhood. Mmm can't say it hold up well but it certainly typifies the decade - gratuitous violence peppered by unfunny one liners &held together with a paper thin plot - much like the game.

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