Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Australia & The Moon

Roadgames staring Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis is a decent Oz thriller with a strong Hitchcocky flavour. Keach plays a lonely truck driver whose curiosity draws him into cat and mouse game with a lady strangler & puts sexy hitchhiker Curtis at risk. It rolls along quite nicely with a good script, some stunning outback landscapes and an excellent performance as the stressed, overworked driver.

Mark Gatiss' adaptation of HG Wells' The First Men in The Moon was pretty good. An eccentric polymath cobbles together a spaceship and along with a chum ventures to discover the secrets of our silvery moon. Gatiss pulls the story forward in time a little and adds a contemporary-ish frame around the main adventure which worked surprisingly well and ensures there's plenty of comedic touches throughout. My one small complaint was I couldn't understand what the boss Selenite was saying and had to pop the subs up but otherwise a fine adaptation and I hope success cause I'd love to see Gatiss tackle some other classics.

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