Thursday, 7 October 2010

Triple Meh of Horror

Cushing and Lee star in a Robert Bloch adaptation called The Skull. Cushing is a occult researcher and buys the Marquis de Sade's noodle box off a disreputable antiques dealer despite his friend Lee's protestations, needless to say things start to go awry. It's ok with solid performances but it's a bit plodding and lacks any menace. Not one of Amicus' best films.

Buried Alive is a tv thriller directed by a pre-Shawshank Frank Darabont. Some dude gets a taste of puffer fish from his Mrs and ends up waking up in his coffin while she celebrates with her Dr/Lover. Funnily enough hubby isn't too chuffed and plans his revenge while hiding out in the basement. What could've been a really good noir-ish film is spoiled by hammy acting and a quite mad finale.
Deadly Blessing, an early effort from Wes Craven, is mostly rubbish but a sort of good rubbish. A newly married Amishy escapee is mysteriously crushed by his tractor and his widow must try and cope with freaky religious nutballs, unhelpful college friends and some weird supernatural McGuffing. Sharon Stone pops up and scoffs a spider, Borgnine sports a chin strap beard with extra frown and it's got Berryman from Craven's Hills Have Eyes too. I wouldn't seek it out but it's kinda funny in that sort of 80's way

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