Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Odd 80's & another tame horror

Nothing Lasts Forever is a bizarre B&W urban fantasy starring the kid from Gremlins, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray. Set in an alt-Manhattan where the port authority have seized complete control a young wanna-be artist finds guidance from some tramps who happen to be the hidden masters of the world and ends up on a lunar bus trip. Written & directed by some dude from SNL it's a bit of a mess but a charming, gently comedic one. If you can find it and you like Gilliam-esque strangeness I've give it a watch.

Devil is the first of Shyamalan's Night Chronicles series (based on his ideas but written/directed by other peoples) and too my surprise it's not terrible, certainly an improvement on The Happening or Lady in the Water. The premise is ridiculously simple; a bunch of strangers are stuck in a faulty lift with Satan and unfortunately for them he seems in a playful mood. Anyways it avoids the pretentiousness of Shya's own films and plays out as a pretty average b-movie; the acting is competent and it ticks along ok it's just a shame it's not scary.

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