Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tarnished Hopper Experiment

The Last Movie, written & directed by Dennis Hopper is pretty decent film that's sadly overshadowed by tales of it's notorious troubled production and actorly excesses. Hopper stars as Kansas, a stuntman/horse wrangler working a filmset on location in Peru. Hooking up with a native senorita he stays behind once the crew leave and becomes entangled in the strange film re-enactment the locals are undertaking. It's not going to be to everyone tastes with it's 60's pretentiousness, casual misogyny, occasionally loopy cinematography and how shall I put it the er chemically befuddled acting but regardless of all that I still really enjoyed it; an ambitious, intelligent film scattered with glimpses of genius and some nice tunes. Some of my admiration for Hopper waned though when I read on Wikip that Hopper initially offered a somewhat coherent version but took Jodorowsky's advice and fractured the narrative.

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