Saturday, 26 March 2011

All Things Must Pass

Season Two of V closes and apparently it's all but dead now, not a huge loss but it's ironic that the show plodded along wasting loads of episodes and only finally picks up the pace as they try to tie up loose ends by packing in the action. Anyways it was always too glossy and pristine for me and fleshing out the original seemed to stretch their plotting and scripting ability. You never know but another network might give it a final season and I'd probably watch to see if they can build on the momentum.

Star Wars: Clone Wars closed on another double ep adventure with Ashoka Tano, Anakin's student, kidnapped from the battlefield and thrown into a game reserve for reptilian hunters. It's not a strong finale with a derivative plot and some tiresome moralising and there's an over reliance on fanboy gasms to perk up the second half with the appearance of Chewbacca. This series has been a bit hit & miss and the 5-ep arc mid season where Anakin sees his terrible future and then has it wiped from memory was more than a bit naff, in fact that whole balance-planet bit was guff. Not sure why I keep watching to be honest; not as if I'm a big Star Wars fan, but it's occasionally amusing and the animation is top shelf I just wish they'd concentrate more on Anakin's slow corruption.

I seriously doubt I'll be watching anymore No Ordinary Family now it's almost limped to the finish line of season one. If you haven't seen it, it's a Heroes meets The Incredibles type thing with Mackie from The Shield heading a super powered family in an awkward mix of action and soap with the kids abusing their powers at school while their parents drift into crime fighting and primary level investigations. It's cheesy and not funny though there's glimmers of a better show occasionally, maybe if the kids had been older, college age or the plot more thoroughly developed it could have been great. I'll watch the finale but that's it.

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