Thursday, 3 March 2011

Political Profanity

So unfookingsurprisingly the Tories continue to reveal their indelible twatishness, there's too many examples but at a local level there's some quality cold heartedness in Westminster Council's recent decision to stop soup runs for the homeless, total coincidence it's Westminster, obviously one can't have one day spoiled by a glimpse of the poor or how about one of their more openly dickish councillors who thinks protesters are "retards" . But let's not forget Camo's moronic dreams for the Big Society and unfortunately for the this long glass of warm newspeak effluence isn't particularly by the retiring leader of the country's biggest volunteer organisation.

Shock horror! Jeremy Hunt pulled apart his/our cheeks for the Murdoch sausage and has given the Australian dickbag the all clear for his buyout of BSkyB. No offense Rupe but you're first on my daydream pyre. Guardian have a nice infographic about his empire.

Looks like Titchy Bercow's days as Speaker are running out fast.

The local rag has a bit about the drubbing the Libdem should expect in Scotland. Hope Clegg enjoys his time fagging for Dave.

Bosses at the Beeb must be feeling the squeeze from the Government and are being told to refer to the astonishing cuts as "savings". LC

Tee hee Dave's grandstanding calls for a no-fly zone over Libya gets a public smackdown from the Yanks and it looks like Hague's inept handling of the Libya evac has caused some Cabinet friction - hopefully the shape of things to come. PoliticsHome.

Love Wikileaks but I'm beginning to think Assange might be a bit of a prick. Ian Hislop's written in the Eye (not online) about a phone conversation he had with Julian where, apparently, Assange pulls a classic fox paw by "blaming it on the Jews"?!. Did he think just 'cause he rolled up with the world's press following him we'd go easy on him? duh. Needless to say there's plenty of spin flying through the tubes.

And from the same august periodical comes an amusing swipe at Bliar's connection to Hosni and the interesting financial circumstances of our former Prime Minister.

Anyways that's just the tip of our own floating shitberg but at least take comfort in the fact we aren't Americans. Here's a charming clip of people throwing crucifixes at the feet of a Muslim man while he's praying and another of a large crowd in Orange County shouting abuse at Islamic charity workers. Our idiot cousins keeping it classy.

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