Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Another Dose of the Great Antidote

Lifehacker have a neat post about how to download the entire gallery of images from the excellent NASA APOD site.

Courtesy of Daily Galaxy comes the exciting news that Indian boffins have identified an underground chamber a mile long and 100m+ wide on the Moon.

Some psychologists literally piss away their education by faffing around investigating the correlates between decision making and having a full bladder. Impactlab.

American military tools want a Taser grenade and they want them now. Got to be bad news for Muslims. New Scientist

After an exhausting read of Mercurius I thought I'd be free of alchemy for a while but here's an interesting bit about alchemy's partial successes and it's influence on neuroscience. I'd quite like to see a docu series with some scientific recreations of some of the Great Work if you're listening BBC.

Baffling single cell organisms, Tetrahymena Thermophilia, have not just two sexes but seven. New Scientist.

The theory of Panspermia gets a boost with the finding of ammonia in a meteorite dug out of the ice in Antartica. BBC

Weird fricking critter found in a Chinese fossil - apparently it's a Lobopodian from the Cambrian period. Unfortunately you have to shell out for the full article on Nature. Via Reddit & NPR

The avalanche of data from the Kepler 'scope has revealed a strange pair of planets sharing one orbit round their Sun. New Scientist.

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