Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fatbag of Science

APOD have a sweet pic of the Kepler finds.

Waxahachie, could have been the location for a particle accelerator much bigger than the LHC and some nerds have been rooting around the abandoned remains of the project. Reddit.

Really nice job time lapsing some Aurora. Again from the APOD.

Weird vid of Earth geoid, the "shape" of our gravitational field. BoingBoing

Putting out fires with electricity? Guadinar

Ruskies make a space comeback with some lovely pics of the planet and our moon. Gizmodo.

Shitting Spider Trees! Pakistani spiders fleeing the flood are creating unforeseen consequences. Impactlab.

I can't really profess to understanding the whole dark matter oeuvre but apparently some brain circle jerking boffins reckon that dark matter reactions could make planets habitable from within. Knock yourself out at the New Scientist.

Awesome x-ray of some new stingray that someone's just discovered. Neatorama

Space-Time is an illusion - duh. DailyGalaxy

Mmmm Mercury orbital snap from Messenger.

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