Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This & That aka Easing back in the Saddle

Superb gallery of bizarre black n white photos. Hat tip to KS

A third of Briton's believe time travel tech already exists and a quarter think we can teleport stuff. Hopefully this demonstrates our love of Scifi and not the stupidity of peoples in Birmingham. Via Derren Brown.

Eggs boiled in the piss of schoolboys are considered a delicacy in Donyang, China.

Apparently religion will soon be "extinct" in 9 countries. Click here to see if you're in one of the enlightened locales.

The weird double Sun spotted in China explained on Forgetomori.

Stunning Pakistani actress decimates an idiot cleric live on TV, BoingBoing.

According to TVTropes the opposite of Jumping the Shark is Growing the Beard. Via Reddit.

They've found Atlantis, well maybes. Located of the coast of Spain apparently.

Huffpo have a nice selection of melty bridges, caused by quirk of Google Earth.

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