Sunday, 20 March 2011

Alt-Verse Animations

Jackboots on Whitehall sounds so promising, a Nazi invasion of Britain played for laughs with a Team America-esque animation style but sadly it's a shuddering dud. The animation is really weak relying on stiff dolls with little, if any, change in expressions throughout (a quick glance of Robot Chicken would've revealed a low budget solution), the plot is seriously underdeveloped but worst of all it's got a really lame script with only a handful of laughs throughout. I wouldn't waste your time.

Grant Morrison writes some interesting comics so I was quite intrigued to see what he'd done with the Man of Steel (a character I've never been that keen on) now that his efforts have been animated. Anyways All-Star Superman turns out to be an unusually melancholic tale from Metropolis as Lex Luthor manages to poison Superman fatally and the cape wearer must put his affairs in order, and of course, save the planet a few times, before he finally pops his clogs. I haven't read the original graphic novel but this was nicely animated & quite entertaining, a strange melange of comedy, action and tragedy and the darker, philosophic tone balances nicely against the inevitable cheese. Another decent DC feature that's got some edge as well as a new spin on the mythos of the pants over tights boy scout.

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