Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Moreish Danish

Forbrydelsen aka The Killing is an accomplished Danish TV show doing the rounds on BBC4/iplayer at the moment and it's really entertaining stuff. A blend of Prime Suspect and State of Play as politics and murder intertwine around the brutal murder of a pretty school girl. Well acted throughout and with a fine central performance from Sofia Grabol as the strung out but determined detective tasked with leading an investigation that soon points towards the office of a high rising politician vying for election. I'm sure some of the subtitling fumbled over a few nuances and it's nothing particularly original but overall it reeks of quality, an adult, complex thriller that manages it's twists without the corn and is highly addictive stuff. The US un-make is about to air across the pond.

Sofia Grabol reprises her role as the dogged Lund in the the second series of Forbrydelsen and I am glad, her performance dominated the first season and with good reason. Anyways in this second grisly tale of murder Lund puts herself through the wringer once again in a desperate search for the truth, hindered by the shenanigans of the powers-that-be while trying to investigate the murders of soldiers which appear to relate to events in Afghanistan. There's only 10 eps this time round and I think that was a good idea as the oh-so relevant plot began to grate a little as it crams down the war-issues with gay abandon and it the character arcs are not dissimilar to the first but who cares despite these faults this is high quality TV, a very rare thing indeed, I'm sure it'll appear soon enough so make an effort as it's another thrilling, capably acted drama that rocks along like crack. If you enjoy this sort of stuff you should maybe try King's Game, there's enough similarity between the two that I wondered if they shared the same behind the scenes peeps (they don't) and also Nightwatch. I still haven't started the 2nd series of Engrenages but it'll be tough to match the pacing and skills involved here. Anyone got some other Danish recommends?


  1. Yep, it's addictive! We've been following on Beeb4 realtime and catchup so hopefully won't see any plot spoilers before the last 2 eps tmrw nite! Have asked a Dansk aware friend for more quality filmic recommends for ya :)

  2. Completely different genre and era but Matador is a cut above as well.


  3. Sounds interesting - have, er, ordered it up so will give it a go. Cheers!