Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Movie Mumblings

Neil Gaiman's fun, pulpy American Gods is heading for the big screen. Digitalspy.

Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad is signed up as a villain in the Total Recall remake. Reddit.

World War Z might yet rise from the dead according to AintitCool.

Hollywood's clearly still sniffing the strong stuff with the news Jennifer Garner is going to play Miss Marple in a new version.

Batman will live beyond Nolan's 3rd adventure according to Warner Bros. Den of Geek.

Depp is reprising his impersonation of Hunter S in The Rum Diary.

Howard Stern's remake of 80's classic Porky's hits a legal snag. Moviefone.

Neil Marshall is penning a WW2/Alien invasion flick. Quiet Earth.

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