Tuesday, 11 May 2010

'72, '73 & '68

Endless Night is a 1970's adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel, apparently she wasn't so keen on it but I certainly enjoyed this Hitchcockian mystery despite it's amusingly dated 70's feel. A young drifter is enchanted by a cursed property, Gypsy's Acre, but when he marries and finally builds his dream home things start to go badly wrong. Maybe I was having a slow day but I got the surprise ending quite wrong.

Another little British gem is The Asphyx, a strange scifi/horror about a Victorian scientist who manages to photograph a mysterious entity that appears at the time of death, his researches continue and he uncovers that the Asphyx holds the key to immortality and his obsession takes a rather demented turn. With some competent acting, lush period detail and a cracking fortean plot this is a excellent 90 mins and I'm not surprised it's up for a remake.

2001 A Space Odyssey is probably the most important scifi film of the 20th Century and one of my childhood faves and it's recently had a magnificent transfer onto Bluray. Despite it being 42 years old this film looks amazing and is still the high benchmark for serious scifi film making. Well worth the £6.

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