Monday, 10 May 2010

Boar Blast & Shaky-Iraq

Razorback is a cult treat, sure the acting is ropey and the fx are a bit rubbish but look beyond that and you've got a stylishly shot monster romp. A gigantic Boar is terrorising some Outback town and it's local drongos so a few of the bereaved become determined to hunt the beast down once and for all. There's plenty of laughs - intended and otherwise - some nice action bits and it all rolls along at a decent pace making this an entertaining if shlocky 90 mins.

Green Zone is the latest effort from Greengrass & Damon and is another twitchy, shaky cam action thriller. Set during the Iraq conflict, Damon is tasked with hunting down WMD's and soon begins to suspect there's been a little subterfuge going on as he keeps coming up empty handed. The climax is a little weak, relying on a ridonkulous meeting of characters to tie things up and a lengthy section of uber-shaky-cam but overall it's a decent film with good performances and a strong script.

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