Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wolves, Gumshoes and an Escapee

The Howling, directed by Joe Dante, is a reasonable slice of 80's horror about a pack of werewolves trying and failing to curb their appetites. The acting and fx have dated badly and it's got a really slow first third but it picks up the pace and generates a few decent scary moments along the way. My main problem is the obligatory transformation scenes, how come everyone just stands and watches? if someone's face started bubbling and changing in front of me I'd be off like a shot.

Devil in a Blue Dress
, is a nice little neo-noir thriller. Based on a book by Walter Mosley and starring Denzel W. as a reluctant detective hunting for a missing wife who has a penchant for dark meat. Well acted and scripted, with some nice 50's period details this hard boiled mystery was an entertaining 90 mins.

Low budget Brit-horror, Salvage, was a valiant attempt but ultimately wasn't very successful. Playing out much like a cross of Right at Your Door & The Nightmare Man, this little 80min movie followed the residents of a cul-de-sac locked down by the military once a freight container washes up on a nearby beach and it's contents are disgorged. If they had tweaked the plot a little (particularly the ending) and hired better actors this could have been quite good.

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