Saturday, 8 May 2010

Election prolapse

Parliament is hung. Poor rich boy Davo couldn't seal the deal, Clegg suffered from the fear of a Tory majority and Brown managed to keep his head above water just.

Plenty of little stories being missed as 24hr tv news goes into horse trading frenzy and we get to watch people go in and out of meetings.

My favourite titbit has to be the 14 year old socialist who donned a disguise to vote then, after being dobbed in by his teacher, refused to speak to The Sun! Said he was a Grinauda reader hahaha

Nick Griffin's racist party suffered a gubbing as did UKIP even though their leader tried a bit too hard to steal headlines on polling day. Other good news that Stroud - gotta prays those gay demons out - didn't get in and neither did Teeth Rantzen who lost her deposit and only one of the inbred Rees-Mogs got in

Ed Balls - lunatic old skool Labourite managed to keep his seat by a whisker which must really irk Guido and his chums.

This Prof has a nice take on Cameron's failed bid to secure a Tory majority.

Shame HIGNFY is lurching towards it's nadir but the Private Eye has still got some chompers; here's a charmless tale about The Sun - I blame Australians, he's their problem so they should really have "dealt" with him by now.

Looks like chuckler Alex Salmond has offered to help out in a Lib/Lab coalition if things don't work out between Dave and Nick.

No matter how much they fret over a deal over the next few days I still can't see either Cons or the Lib-D parties accepting any deal. I want electoral reform, it's time we mature a bit as country I think and Clegg has a once in a generation opportunity, stakes are high

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